Monastic Life

The most important work of the monastery, as St. Paul says is to “pray without ceasing”.


Our entire life and our day to day activities are all scheduled around the daily cycle of services. The services are held in the chapel and are open to the public. Guests and pilgrims are encouraged to attend the services and to provide the names of those to be prayed for. For the daily schedules and other special events click on Services. For major feast day schedules click on Feast Days.

The monastery is organized as a cenobitic community, meaning everything is being held in common, and each member of the community shares in the work and responsibilities.


After prayer, our work includes, hospitality to visitors, sewing priest vestments and altar covers, writing Byzantine icons, mounting icons, making prayer ropes and beaded eggs, making altar bread, as well as daily household chores.We also publish three times per year a monastic journal, The Burning Bush that is free of charge to all who request it. The journal is written by members of the community and includes articles on monasticism, catechism, spirituality, feasts of the Orthodox Church.

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