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HDM Press Inc. is a publishing subsidiary of the monastery, that has as its primary goal the publication and distribution of spiritual and educational materials.  To purchase any of these  books please contact the monastery.

                 Synaxarion of the Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion

This book is an explanation of the feasts of the Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion; along with the abridged sermons of the Holy Fathers, this book is  an excellent aid in spiritual growth.

                                     Paperback:   $19.95

                                     Hardcover:   $24.95


Spiritual Father of modern times, Fr. Roman Braga offers wonderfully clear explanations of the origin and reasoning behind Orthodox theological position of "Christ's teachings that are not mere theory, but life itself."  On the Way of Faith is a selection of Fr. Roman's writings.


                       Paperback:  $15.00







In this book, Exploring the Inner Universe, by describing his experiences as one who has found God, Fr. Roman shares with the audience his personal experiences of truth.  Through innumerable hardships he has found the tranquility that comes from traveling and understanding the road to salvation.

                            Paperback:    $10.95


A Prayer Book for Children  includes prayers for small children, the guardian angel, the Jesus Prayer and many other.  Beautifully illustrated with icons of the Mother of God, Feast Days and Saints.

Paperback:  $5.95



Biblical symbolism pervades this entire story of suspense and "make-believe."  Written for children, the book has lesson for the entire family, children and adults alike.  Not only is the book an entertaining fantasy story for children but the counterparts for the characters and many of the incidents can be found in the Holy Scripture. 

Hardcover:  $19.95





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