Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan

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Pilgrimage: Information for Clergy

All Orthodox clergy, priests and deacons, are invited and welcome to serve at the Divine Liturgy for our patronal feast on August 15th.  The color for vestments is blue.  We ask that you arrive by 9am and go directly to the St. Andrew (old) chapel for vesting.  At about 9:30am come to the nave of the Katholikon and arrange yourself in two rows in order from senior nearest the Altar and junior nearest the doors at the back of the Church.  Please do NOT congregate in the Altar area; it's too crowded.  After the hours, when the bishops are ready, we will process to the pavilion.  When arriving in the pavilion, remain in two rows in the nave, outside the Altar, for beginning of the Divine Liturgy.  

Also, please note that all clergy together with their families are invited to eat in the trapeza after the Divine Liturgy.  We hope you will enjoy this time of fellowship together.

Finally, and most importantly, please pray for us.

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