Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan


The first major activity of the monastery after prayer is hospitality. The monastery welcomes individuals, families and groups who desire to come for a visit. Our church services are open to the public. Groups are encouraged to contact the monastery in advance. Please consult our service schedule and calendar for dates and times of church services. The daily services are held either in the main church or  St. Andrew's chapel.

The monastery is the private residence of the monastics and a place that serves the spiritual needs of the Orthodox Christian community. If you would like to visit our monastery grounds or cemetery, we ask that you call in advance and, when you arrive, ring the doorbell at the giftshop (the large building on your right as you enter).   This will allow us to be aware of your presence and better direct and assist you.

For overnight stays our facilities include a 24 bed guest house with four bathrooms,  a sitting area and  spacious conference room. Group retreats are limited to groups associated with the Orthodox Church and are subject to availability. For overnight stays it is suggested that you contact the monastery approximately 2 weeks in advance for reservations.

All visitors to the monastery are expected to participate in the services and observe the schedule of the monastic community. Please familiarize yourself with and follow the guidelines for visitors to make your visit safe, comfortable and spiritually profitable.

“...Come, for we have found the one the world desires!”

-from Kontakion hymn of  the Holy Apostle Andrew

Hospitality of Abraham (Gen 18)

Do not forget to entertain strangers,

for by so doing

some have unknowingly

entertained angels.

(Hebrews 13:2)