About the Monastery

aboutus.jpgThe monastery is located in South-Central Michigan, 7 miles North of Jackson, in the small farming community of Rives Junction, on 120 acres of wooded land with an array of wildlife.

The monastery was founded by three nuns from Romania, in a desire to pursue missionary work and spread Orthodoxy further into America. This vision had to be fulfilled through a monastic structure; not by importing or recreating a glorious past, but by drawing on the traditions of the past that keep alive the Orthodox faith.

The purpose of the monastery is to serve the needs of the Orthodox community. Visitors and groups are welcome to visit the monastery for the day or for short overnight stays. For details on how to arrange a visit please click on Hospitality.

By clicking on the following links you can learn more about Monastic Life, our Gift Shop and Cemetery, the Iconography Workshops that we offer and how to schedule a Retreat. Under Services you will find out about the daily schedule of services and updates to that schedule. To find updated information about the monastery see Monastery News.

We hope you enjoy your visit through our Monastery.